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Jasey For Jersey

U.S Congress 2024

Meet Kyle

I'm Kyle Jasey, and I'm running for Congress in New Jersey’s 8th District because I believe the people of New Jersey are ready for change. It's time for a fresh perspective in Congress, and I am committed to being that change. Voters of our district deserve a choice in who represents them. The power to elect representatives belongs to the people, not family dynasties. As a husband, father, and lifelong New Jerseyan who has built a successful business here, I understand the values and challenges of our community.


My wife and I built New Jersey’s largest real estate association, annually driving millions of dollars in local real estate investment. This experience has taught me the importance of collaboration, working with diverse groups for a common goal – improving housing quality for everyone. This approach isn't just for business; it's how I plan to approach leadership in Congress.


New Jersey's strength lies in its diversity. As a father, I see this every day when my children play in our local parks, meeting kids from families who have come here from all corners of the globe. Like many of us, they are drawn to New Jersey's promise of opportunity and a better life. This rich tapestry of cultures and stories makes our state truly special, and I'll fight to protect and champion it in Congress.


I am eager to connect with you, learn about your hopes and concerns, and discuss how we can move New Jersey, and our nation, forward. Your voice matters, and together, we can ensure it's heard.


Thank you for your interest and support. Let's embark on this journey to bring a new dawn to New Jersey's 8th District.

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