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About Kyle

I was born and raised here in New Jersey.  My maternal Grandfather’s family emigrated to NJ from Jamaica, and my father grew up here.  I am the youngest of my parents' three children. My mother’s father grew up in New Jersey and was a World War 2 Veteran.  Her mother grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and would later move next door to us.  As a child, I loved animals and probably had more pets than anyone you’ve ever met.  I enjoyed fishing, exploring in the woods, and playing sports.  As I got older, sports, studies, student government, and entrepreneurship took up most of my time.  I started my first business when I was 15, and have had several ventures since then.  

After high school, I attended Duke University and earned a degree in Public Policy.  When I graduated from Duke, I started a poster and t-shirt company with one of my best friends and had the number-one-selling poster in the United States.  After 4 years as a bootstrapping entrepreneur, I moved back to NJ and got a job working on the Corzine reelection campaign. I took the GMAT and was accepted to Rutgers Business School.  At Rutgers, I served as the Student Senator for my class and was later elected as a representative to the Board of Trustees.  

During my second year at Rutgers, I met my wife Marielena.  Mariel was raised in Tampico, Mexico, and works as a Professional Organizer.  We got married within a year of meeting, and shortly after, we moved to Jersey City and started our real estate financing business.  As a means of promoting the business, we started several real estate networking groups and we now have over 8,000 members in NY and NJ. Our events are all free and are responsible for tens of millions of dollars worth of investment in NJ every year.  We host 3-4 events every month and have built great relationships with many of our members.

Jersey City quickly became our home. We met many friends and decided to raise our family in this community. In February of 2020, our first son Harvey was born.  He came into the world right before it shut down.  Harvey is a smart, curious, and active little boy.  He loves going to the beach, fishing, finding salamanders, and playing with his five cousins.  In December of 2021, our son Harrison was born.  Much like his brother, Harrison is smart, curious, and very active.  He loves playing with his big brother and facetiming with his Abuela and other family members.  He also loves the beach, and harassing our Scottish Terrier, Sofia.  
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